Versatile Hard Wearing Washable Quick Dry Non Iron Baby Girls Clothes.. made to last at affordable prices for baby and toddler.


So many clothes to choose from, so little time before they grow up! There is huge choice and just one item is no longer enough!

First born baby grows can now make your little monkey actually look like one, dress them in a faux fur romper suit and they can be either your little monkey or a cute teddy bear.

Allow extra time for shopping, when everyone stops you to coo how cute they look! On a more sensible note, neither to hot or to cold is the rule, so choose your fabrics wisely. Winter is a great season for layering baby clothes and for grown ups to, so if your baby is to hot, just remove a layer rather than having to change a whole outfit. When layering try to be practical not to many buttons or zippers, this can get fiddly.

Spring can be a challenge, the weather is very unpredictable, and usually wet and windy, so dungarees, jeans or trousers can be a practical choice with wellys to stop feet getting soaked. There is a whole range of wellys available from ladybird coloured ones to all the colours of the rainbow, even designer Hunter or Joules wellington boots. Fleece jumpers or jackets are fantastic for warmth and dry very quickly when washed.

Top tip, always wash fleeces and jumpers inside out, it stops "bobbling" and colour fade. I actually wash all clothes inside out, something my gran told me to do many years ago and it has become second nature! With todays modern fabrics, very few baby cloths require ironing, and most are quick drying which makes life so much easier in the winter when washing line time is minimal.